Together we have worked in all kinds of businesses around the world. From hotels in Scandinavia to schools in South America to doctor’s offices in the USA. Chances are we have already come cross and solved the problem you have.

Excellence doesn’t happen overnight. Through years of dedication to our clients and their businesses we know exactly how to help businesses thrive.


Every business has different needs at different times. We dig deep to provide the absolute best value in the time and place that is needed.


A small team of professionals who have been working for clients of all types for decades and finally found the way to serve our clients in the BEST way possible, a boutique business service. We wanted the flexibility to be able to say YES to our clients, since we are a small company and can focus more on you as the client. Sure, big companies have their advantages too, but we prefer the personal touch. We are fully dedicated to our clients, giving them the absolute best service possible. Our goal is for our clients to feel that they are our only client.

Boutique Service

100% personal touch – our service will make you feel truly special, because you are!


We say YES! Do you need your website updated, your web presence top notch or your social media structured? Let us take care of it! Do you need to outsource your call center? We can even help with print material design. We can help!


We are a handpicked team, striving towards making your business thrive and take your worries away. When you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life. And we love to help!


We are an exclusive team with a passion for making your business succeed. We do everything you need behind the curtain. What do you wish for? Let us help you!

What we offer

We’ll assist with helping you have a strong web presence, enhance your Google ranking.

With a gorgeous, high speed website, interesting, on topic blog posts, eye catching social media content, and more.

We design the website that you want! We can teach you to make your own edits on the site if you want, but we also offer unlimited edits, just email, message or call us and we will get on it. Oh and the best part is that it is YOUR site, we give you all the keys if you decide to go elsewhere, not that you ever would.
We use the latest tools to get accurate tracking of activity on your website and give you access to all of it! You will know where your online visitors are coming from and what they are looking at and we will help you take advantage of the data.
Gone are the days where you can just be good at what you do and quietly do your work. The world has to know who you are, what you do, where you do it, when you do it and of course, what others thought about your work. Unfortunately this information is now spread across dozens of different websites and services. We monitor your online information in up to 70 different places and make sure your working hours, prices, services, addresses, everything is accurate to let you focus on your work.
With carefully planned social media posts, customers will have no choice but follow you. You will gain REAL followers that are drawn to your business. Every business needs the extra exposure that paid search provides, we painstakingly research the best keywords and topics that your customers will search for to make the most of every dollar invested.
Blog Posting & Email Marketing
We do all the research and writing with handwritten, SEO tailored articles that will educate and inform your audience and draw them to a call to action to get old customers back, or get new customers in your doors.
But Wait, there’s more…
We will fly to your location to make sure things are running as they should. We provide specialized training for your in office employees to make sure things are running smoothly. We also act as “secret shoppers” and provide comprehensive reports and plan of action to improve any pain points.

Who is really

behind this?

Cynthia Johnson has been dedicated to service her entire life. First to her three children and then to her clients. Now that her children are all grown she can devote more time to her clients and she knows nothing else but to go the extra mile, she lives in the extra mile.

Regardless of the size of the business you can be sure Cynthia can blend right in and find pain points and soothe them. As a mother she fully understands the importance of efficiency and making the most with what you have, and the importance of having someone you can trust to care for important things.

Her clients always feel comfortable leaving important things in her care because they know it will be done with the same care as if they did it themselves.
No shortcuts – No guessing – No “one size fits all.”
Just take a look at what her clients have said about her:


Dedicated, highly responsive and helpful!
Always a pleasure to work with!

Extremely professional. Very knowledgeable and responsive to my questions and issues. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Very responsive and gets things done very timely. Thank u!

Amazing… is always quick to respond, and has made our concerns or questions a priority.

The very best. Goes beyond the call of duty. There are not enough characters in this box to explain how great she is. Professional, dedicated, on time, on point, proactive and gives us the VIP treatment.

Prompt, professional, and amiable. Always takes the extra step to accomodate her clients.

Always been very responsive and helpful. It has been great working with her.

Incredibly helpful and works tirelessly to make sure our company has everything we need.

She is lovely to work with, fast response time and always figures out a solution to anything for us or helps answer any questions we have.

Great to work with.

Goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy. She is personable and always enjoyable to talk with.

Organized, prepared, motivated and dedicated to the cause.

Responsive and gives great service!

Simply great. She delivers all the time.

Always willing to go the extra mile. Very responsive. Knowledgeable and personable.

Very knowledgeable and prompt in getting you anything you need. Explains things very clearly and is wonderful to work with.

Cynthia provides a high level of attentiveness to our needs as the client.

She rocks and does everything quickly.

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