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We Build Authority Websites For Medical Practices

You’ve spent years becoming a medical expert
‘’Let’s make sure the world knows who you are!’’

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We are an international team specialized in Medical Marketing

Cynthia Johnsen (founder), has over a decade working medical practices all over the US, improving their online presence and reputation and driving foot traffic from online traffic.

As a team we understand the unique challenges that medical practices face and how we can be a partner to overcome these challenges. We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest methods to help our clients.

Women’s Health, Psychiatry, Urology, Therapy, And More

We work with all types of practioners and bring more patients through the doors

Maximum visitors to websites

We don’t settle for mediocraty. We build authority websites that bring in LOTS of traffic.

We can integrate with your EMR/EHR

Utilizing highly trusted services we can connect to most EMRs to get accurate data.


We are here for you every step of the way

Starting from the initial call until long into our contract, we are available to answer any questions you have and to make any changes that you would like.

Initial Call

Not every practice needs the same thing, we will find out what we can offer to best fit your needs.

In person visit to your practice

We prefer to spend a few hours in your practice and talk to you personally to understand your culture, your services and your practice.

Informed account managers to help you

We hate it when an awesome sales person hands us over to a dull account manager with no authority, we only employ awesome people and give them all authority to do whats best for you!


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News from Golden Tide Consulting

We provide ongoing education opportunities for our workers and are always on the lookout for ways to add value to our clients.

Golden Tide Consulting a consulting agency based in New York that help medical clinics to increase conversions

Finally this long awaited partnership can be made offical.

Golden Tide Consulting is proud to announce partnership with Swedish marketing company, Midnight Marketing AB

Finally this long awaited partnership can be made offical.

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