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Golden Tide Consulting: A Case Study on How We Dramatically Increased Organic Traffic for a Urology Practice By Using an Effective Content Strategy

For a healthcare practice, the content on your website can mean the difference between influencing someone to pick up the phone to book an appointment with your practice or driving them away from your site to find another healthcare provider.

How can you implement an effective content strategy for your website to maintain and increase growth over time?

Creating effective content strategies and an overall strong digital presence in the field of healthcare marketing has been a passion of mine for over 10 years! My team and I have used our medical marketing expertise and extensive knowledge of SEO to help clients stand out from their competition online and increase traffic to their businesses.

The problems we’ve faced and the solutions we’ve found regarding creating an effective content strategy for one of our clients are explained in the case study below.

The Problem Our Client Faced

We had an experience with a urology practice located in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in urologic care for both men and women, as well as several other specialties. They didn’t have a clue about what they needed to do for their website to have results.

They also had no experience with online marketing and hadn’t added new content to their website in years. And they were only using radio ads and billboards for the majority of their advertising.

When they came to us, they were using a medical marketing platform that wasn’t delivering the results they were looking for. They were searching for a healthcare marketing agency to help them attract more local patients to their practice and stand out from their local competition.

They were also frustrated with the lack of customer support from the medical marketing platform that they were with previously.

Two major problems this practice was experiencing before we started working with them were:

  • They had no content strategy. This client had no idea what they needed to do to optimize their site’s content. The content on their site was sparse, short, not SEO optimized, and wasn’t attracting patients to find their services.
  • The design of their website wasn’t up to date. This client had a website, but the architecture and design of the website weren’t user-friendly or attractive to potential patients.

The Client’s SEO Before GTC

The figures below show the urologic practice’s SEO rankings before we started working with them.

Our Strategy for Solving their Problem

When we started working with this client, they had several goals for their practice but didn’t know what they needed to do to reach them. That’s where we came in. We developed a strategy based on their goals and determined that the following steps were required to optimize their site and reach their goals:

How We Implemented These Steps

We were able to reach all of this client’s goals by first doing the following:
  • Building them a new website. We created a beautiful, modern, and easily navigable web design for our client so potential patients would have a pleasant experience while on their site.
  • We created content using a “content silo” structure. We doubled the amount of content that they had on their site. We updated the content of their main “service pages”  and then created “supporting pages” of related topics for those service pages and linked them strategically together. This encouraged visitors to stay longer, boosted SEO rankings overall, and gave the site more authority in the eyes of Google.

An example of a “content silo” we use for our clients can be seen in the image below.

  • We optimized their website content with keywords. We targeted specific keywords and phrases for each article that ranked high for each topic. We also researched what keywords similar businesses and practices were used in their city and nearby cities. We made sure to do this once every three months so that it was up-to-date and relevant.

The Results

The results of our content strategy speak for themselves. After about a year and a half, our client saw tremendous growth in their keyword rankings overall and a 664.40% growth in their organic traffic!

We’ve continued to add engaging and optimized content to their site, ranking above other reputable websites, such as Mayo Clinic, for very difficult keywords. The content strategy we created led to an increase in online visibility, new patients, and of course…revenue for the practice.

The graph below shows the dramatic growth that this client experienced in organic traffic after they started working with us.

The Client’s SEO After GTC

The figures below show the urologic practice’s SEO rankings after we started working with them.

They experienced a significant increase in the following ways:

  • 710.62% increase in the Total No. of Keywords
  • 637.73 % increase in Organic Search Traffic
  • 924.54% increase in Users
  • 664.41% increase in the number of keywords on the top 3 spots of the first page of Google.

In terms of ROI (return on investment), these figures translate to a value of $37,000 per month if they were to pay for advertising — which is about $444,000 per year worth of FREE organic search traffic.

Become a GTC Success Story

Let us become a part of your success story! An effective content strategy has proven to be a very effective method of digital marketing in the healthcare field.

It allows a practice more opportunities to grab the attention of potential patients, build trust with them, and boost SERP rankings. My team and I pride ourselves on being personally dedicated to our clients by providing the expertise and care they need to make their business soar!

Take control of your digital presence! Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve higher online visibility and drive traffic to your medical business!

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