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Off-Page SEO for Medical Practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to drive organic traffic to a website by using target keywords chosen to reach a specific audience. There are several types of SEO strategies that can be implemented. One of those effective strategies involves off-page SEO, which refers to search engine optimization performed outside of a website.

Thanks to off-page SEO, medical practices can establish a strong online presence, keep competitive in the healthcare field, and attract more patients to their facilities. In this article, we will explain what off-page SEO is and how healthcare businesses can benefit from it.

Understanding the Basics of Off-Page SEO

While SEO efforts usually put on-page SEO in the first place, along with creating quality content, off-page SEO focuses on optimizing a website’s ranking in search engine results by controlling external factors. Therefore, an effective healthcare SEO marketing strategy will couple on-page SEO with local SEO and off-page SEO strategies as well.

The effort to create an off-page SEO strategy that brings new patients extends beyond improving a medical practice’s website and results in a competitive edge that firmly establishes a medical practice’s authority in its medical specialty.

Optimizing Off-Page Elements for Medical Practices

Some of the most essential elements in an off-page SEO campaign include the following:

  • Online reviews—Since 72% of prospective patients read online reviews before choosing a doctor or healthcare business, healthcare practices should always ask for positive reviews from satisfied patients.
  • Guest blog posts—This means that you need to write content on other medical websites with links or references to your own medical website.
  • Social media—Professional accounts on social media platforms have proven to be an effective way for medical practitioners to share important medical information and build trust with potential patients.
  • Paid ads—Also known as pay-per-click (PPC), these are digital advertising methods often used in the medical industry to attract traffic to a website. Search engines display relevant ads when search engine users perform searches. Users that click on those ads will be redirected to the medical practice website that bought the ad space.
  • Google Business Profile—A business with a complete Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business) will be perceived as more authoritative by search engines and more likely to rank higher on search engine results pages. Consider including your website in local listings of healthcare professionals.

Medical practice SEO efforts, however, are not complete without a good on-page SEO strategy that improves core web vitals, site architecture, and landing pages. The same goes for local SEO, which takes care of ranking on local searches.

The Benefits of Off-Page SEO for Medical Practices

Besides helping drive more organic traffic to a website, off-page SEO will benefit a medical practice by increasing monthly leads and establishing a more substantial online presence. To keep an off-page SEO strategy effective, constant improvements need to be carried out, like creating new blog posts with the right keywords and ensuring that title tags, internal links, and meta descriptions contain your main keyword.

Careful analysis of new keyword rankings, monthly search volume, and conversion rates will give insights into the areas to improve and can easily be performed with a content management system.

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A blend of medical SEO techniques is crucial to reach the first page of search results in the healthcare industry. Off-page SEO is at the core of such a strategy and encompasses a variety of elements.

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