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Case Studies

We are always doing our best for our clients, and we are excited to share proof of how our efforts are benefiting our clients. 

On this page, you will find links to some of our case studies where we go into detail about how we helped our clients get results with their online marketing, and how we can do this for your practice as well.

A content marketing strategy increased a urology practice's website traffic.

How We Dramatically Increased Organic Traffic for a Urology Practice By Using an Effective Content Strategy

A chart on laptop showing how Golden Tide Consulting increased traffic for a NYC medical practice.

How We Dramatically Increased Traffic for a Medical Practice in a Highly Competitive Area (NYC)

Notepad showing how Golden Tide Consulting got 2,700 keywords on first page of Google for an orthopedic practice.

How We Got More than 2,700 Keywords on the First Page of Google for an Orthopedic Practice

A case study of how to increase the organic traffic for medical websites after merging two sites.

A Case Study on How We Increased Organic Traffic by 154% After a Successful Medical Website Merge.