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About Us

Officially launching our business in 2019, Golden Tide Consulting has been dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients from day one.

Cynthia Johnson, the founder, has been working in online marketing for medical practices for over 10 years, providing services from business consulting to marketing strategy, web design and social media to doctors and practices across the country.

She has spent a lifetime serving others, first her children, and now her clients, and her children and clients love her for it!

Behind Cynthia is a dedicated team of hard working individuals that are passionate about their different roles. We are sure to only employ those that are determined to give our clients the best, and also to not overwork anybody, so that they won’t be unable to provide their best for our clients.

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Our Mission

Our main focus is on building websites and doing SEO. So we have several that are dedicated to the different aspects of website design and development. We also have several that work together with SEO and content, making sure that everyone is on the same page and work well together.  

All our workers are given regular training to improve their skills more and more to be able to add to their own portfolios, but also to allow us to offer more to our clients.