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Golden Tide Consulting

We do not simply “maintain” websites.

We create powerful websites and provide deeply researched strategy and content for the websites to grow to bring in major business for our clients for years or decades to come.

After years of different pricing models and testing, we have chosen the below prices and offerings based on what we are confident we can provide at an extremely high level, and what will bring our clients a real return on their investment with us.

We build and grow online properties (websites) that bring our clients millions of dollars of revenue each year.

Our clients are confident that SEO is a crucial aspect to their long term business strategy and they trust us to build a website and carry out a content strategy that will last them decades to come.

Website Build Options - One Time Fee*

We build our clients websites with WordPress and it, and all its content, is theirs after one year with us. This way our clients don’t need to rebuild their website if they decide to use another agency after us.








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*One time fee based on one year contract of monthly services.

Monthly Services

Our monthly packages range from $3,000 to $7,000+ depending on the amount of work our client needs to see success. Below are some example packages:




* Content added to sites monthly are based on our own proven medical seo strategy.

A la carte services

Google Ads

EMR/EHR integration and services such as sms, reputation, etc

Google Business Profile (Google My Business) Posts

Social Media

Setup or optimization of:

SEO audit

Facebook Ads - Brand Awareness

Hourly tasks