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Technical SEO for Doctors

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a series of content marketing techniques aiming to improve website traffic volume with the ultimate goal of driving more clients to a business and more patients to medical practices for doctors.

Local SEO strategies encompass a variety of methods to improve the search engine rankings for local search results. The benefits of an SEO strategy, besides reaching potential patients, are that it provides excellent tools for improving the online reputation and search visibility of a medical website and the healthcare provider it represents.

Understanding the Basics of Technical SEO

SEO usually refers to researching, using, and analyzing target keywords and their search volume. Technical SEO instead focuses on server-side improvements to help Google and other search engines understand a website’s content and improve its organic search results.

Improving the technical aspects of a medical website, like site speed, mobile friendliness, and site security, has proved to greatly benefit medical practices as 77% of prospective patients looking for medical services start their search on the web, and 43% of patients prefer medical practices that allow online bookings.

Optimizing Your Website’s Technical Elements

Every medical practice wants its website to reach the first page in search engine results and keep at the top of search rankings. Some ways to do that include:

  • Improving the website’s speed—Having a slow-loading website has proved to discourage potential patients.
  • Building quality backlinks—Valuable links, including external links and internal links, will redirect users to your healthcare website when they find your website’s URLs in other websites with authority in the field.
  • Creating content with structured data will help patients search and find the information they need.
  • Using descriptive and keyword-rich URLs will help search engines index your website.

Google Analytics is a free tool that SEO professionals use to track the performance of healthcare websites and make changes to improve the whole SEO campaign.

The Importance of a Strong Online Presence for Medical Professionals

SEO for doctors can not only create a solid online presence, but it also betters its reputation and authority. For that purpose, many medical practices have used social media pages successfully to promote their medical services and educate their patients online, besides being a great way to ask for online reviews.

As a healthcare professional, you want potential patients to find you easily. Thus, the importance of local SEO can’t be understated. Establishing yourself as a local healthcare provider and improving your search ranking in local searches will bring many more patients to your practice and strengthen your medical practice’s presence in the territory.

Get the Right Help With Local SEO Today!

How much traffic will your medical practice’s website gets depends on how strong your SEO strategy is. Keyword research and high-quality content are essential, but technical SEO is also crucial. And as discussed in this article, it requires improvements all across the website, including page speed, mobile friendliness, structured data, and quality backlinks.

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