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SEO for Orthopedics

Medical SEO for orthopedic clinics is a series of search engine optimization (SEO) tactics aiming to make an orthopedic website appear at the top of the various search engine results pages when a user searches for an orthopedic-related topic.

Why Is Orthopedic SEO Important?

In the competitive field of orthopedic services, an effective orthopedic SEO strategy will give you an edge over other orthopedic doctors. When potential patients search on the Internet for orthopedic procedures, the orthopedic practice’s website, which ranks higher on the search engine results page, is likely to bring more patients to the orthopedic practice behind it.

How Orthopedic SEO Works

Search engines, like Google, crawl and index billions of web pages and will rank higher on the search results page with the most relevant answers to their queries. Orthopedic clients looking for a specific treatment will be directed to the orthopedic doctor who, according to Google’s algorithm, has the most relevant keywords on its practice’s website.

Although there are several components behind effective SEO efforts, the main elements are:

What Are the Benefits of Orthopedic SEO?

Since ever more searches for medical-related fields—the orthopedic field included—start from a Google search, it’s clear why many orthopedic doctors grow their patients’ portfolio through orthopedic SEO services.

Prospective patients choose orthopedic surgeons based not only on their expertise,e but also on their visibility on the Internet, as a well-designed practice’s website increases the perceived authority of the orthopedic surgeon who owns it. New patients also prefer orthopedic websites that allow online booking and are mobile-friendly.

Orthopedic SEO Best Practices

There are many orthopedic SEO best practices to keep in mind. Below you will find some of them.

Keyword Research

well-designed practice’s website is the first step of all SEO strategies. Target keywords, or specific keywords related to your field of expertise, will be used across your website to attract the target audience using the same keywords as search terms in a search engine.


Backlinks are links between your website and other authoritative websites. High-quality backlinks are rewarded by search engines with higher rankings in their result pages and are appreciated by website visitors looking for an orthopedic specialist that is an expert in his field.

Local SEO

Search engines cross-reference several parameters when displaying search results; one of those is the geographic location of a user and an orthopedic surgeon in queries with terms like “best orthopedic clinic near me,” making local SEO a fundamental part of a strong SEO campaign.

In a competitive field like orthopedic surgery, SEO for orthopedic surgeons is the best solution to complete your orthopedic marketing strategy and keep ahead of your competitors.

Benefits of Implementing Orthopedic SEO Best Practices

A digital marketing strategy aims to reach a targeted audience and attract new patients. SEO for orthopedic practices does that! By bringing more traffic to your website and displaying expertise in the field, orthopedic professionals have multiplied the results of their marketing efforts and seen huge ROIs.

In this brief orthopedic SEO guide, we barely touched the basic aspects of a solid SEO campaign an orthopedic practice could implement to get more patients. Still, more is required to see long-lasting results. At Golden Tide Consulting, we are experts in finding the best medical SEO strategies for increasing organic search traffic for orthopedic practice websites.

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