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Golden Tide Consulting: A Case Study on How We Dramatically Increased Traffic for a Medical Practice in a Highly Competitive Area (NYC)

We live in a world of options. MANY. OPTIONS. But what does that have to do with your medical practice?

Well, the fact is that nowadays, people have more options to choose from when it comes to where they will get their healthcare needs met. This means that it’s CRUCIAL to stand out from nearby competition.

But how can you do that? Especially if you live in a highly competitive area, like a city, for example.

You know that you provide quality service to your patients… But how can you let potential patients know that? And how can you stand out from all of the other offices in your area who are also trying to do the exact same thing??

Optimizing your online presence is essential for a thriving and successful business. But is simply having a website enough? Not anymore.

Creating a strong digital presence in the field of healthcare marketing has been a passion of mine for over 10 years! My team and I have used our medical marketing expertise to help clients stand out from their competition online and increase traffic to their businesses.

The problems we’ve faced, as well as the solutions we’ve found regarding increasing online visibility and traffic, are explained in the case study below.

The Problem Our Client Faced

We had an experience with a multi-specialty practice in New York City that had very low traffic to their site and was struggling to keep up with their competition before they started working with us. Some of the areas the practice specializes in are obstetrics and gynecology, urology, and pain management.

They were searching for a healthcare marketing company that could help them achieve more online visibility, as well as offer more personal care for them as a business. Some of the problems they were facing that caused their low online traffic were:

  1. They didn’t even own their own website. This client was using a medical marketing platform that was getting them less than 8,000 organic visitors per month. On top of having very low traffic from this site, our client felt that the company they were working with previously didn’t personally care about their success as a business.
  2. They were using an outdated SEO strategy. This practice was sporadically posting non-optimized blogs/articles on their site on subjects that they thought would attract more people to their clinics but weren’t proving to do so. Additionally, their online profiles, including their Google Business Profile, didn’t have the correct information listed.
  3. They had A LOT of competition. This client was located in perhaps the most saturated and competitive location they could have been in – New York City. This made it even harder for them to stand out amongst the other similar practices in their area.

Our Strategy for Solving Their Problem

We were able to solve this practice’s problem in two steps.

Step One

We evaluated the content that was already on their site (service pages, supporting pages, and blog posts) and found the appropriate keywords for those articles so that we could optimize them in a way that Google would favor.

How We Implemented Step One:

  1. We found an existing post on their old site that was ranking for the keyword “how to reduce swelling.” This post was barely generating any traffic since it had been created a year prior.
  2. After doing some research, we saw that this topic could be a great subject to write about that would generate traffic and that could also connect to many of the other articles on their site.
  3. We took this and other keywords related to the subject and examined the search behavior behind them. We then wrote an amazing article to target the search intent behind the people looking for this topic and include that on their new website.

We implemented these changes to many different web pages on their website. Since then, we have seen and continue to see amazing growth.

In July 2022, skyrocketing results were seen within a very short amount of time. That specific web page went from basically zero clicks per month to 5,000 clicks per month in less than 3 months. A chart showing these results can be seen below.

Step Two

After building them their own website, we found new topics and competitive keywords related to their business and service goals so that we could create new pieces of content for their new website. This allowed us to cover a topic in a broad way, which is something that Google favors. 

How We Implemented Step Two: 

  1. We found new topics that were directly related to their main services. For example, our client already had a service page discussing Endometriosis. This page had decent content and traffic already, but we saw that it had more potential for growth.
  2. We did further research on topics related to endometriosis because we know that Google favors broadly covered topics. One of the related topics we found about endometriosis was “endo belly.” We saw that this topic had a good chance of boosting the service page traffic and leading to potential conversions (more patients finding them).
  3. After more research, we wrote the new article and internally connected it with links to the main service page (so that Google could see the connection).

After we uploaded the new article, we saw over a short amount of time that the article became one of the most consistent articles that attracted a significant amount of monthly visitors to their website. This made them an authority on the topic of “Endo Belly” and they got more calls to their office for this service. The results of our implementing this step on their website can be seen below.

The Results

Within a year of us implementing our SEO strategies, our client saw a high increase in traffic to their website and surpassed their conversion goal (amount of new patients acquired as a result of their newly optimized website). This led to a high increase in new patients and revenue for the practice.

Since we started working with this client, their numbers have continued to increase. The approximate number (not actual figures) of the results that were experienced within the past year can be seen in the chart below.

The graph below depicts the rise in traffic to the client’s website after we implemented our SEO strategies.

Become a GTC Success Story

Let us become a part of your success story! Although each business is unique, an effective SEO strategy has proven to be essential for a thriving modern healthcare business.

An effective SEO strategy allows a practice to have a strong online presence and to continually draw in new patients. My team and I pride ourselves on being personally dedicated to our clients by providing the expertise and care they need to make their business soar!

Take control of your digital presence! Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve higher online visibility and drive traffic to your medical business!

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