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When designing a healthcare marketing strategy, a set of generally accepted principles must be considered to maximize your marketing endeavors and guarantee results for your medical marketing efforts.

Introduction to the 5 P’s of Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare organizations and key players in the healthcare industry know very well that all marketing strategies in the field need to be designed with clear principles in mind. That’s why the 5 P’s play a key role. They help to streamline the decision-making process and spread awareness while connecting prospective patients with healthcare providers.

Below you’ll find a brief explanation of each of the elements composing the 5 P framework.

Product: The Healthcare Services and Treatments Being Offered

Products or services are the objects of the strategy. Highlighting how a product or service is beneficial for satisfying the patient’s needs is essential to guarantee interest in potential patients.

Potential new patients are likely to choose a provider that performs a certain service when they read positive online reviews about it and see satisfying patient outcomes and good patient experiences with that service.

Price: The Cost of Healthcare Services and Treatments

Health systems can be very expensive, so it’s essential to explain to the payers the payment options available and how to access the healthcare system without being overwhelmed by its cost.

New patients are likely to be more attracted to healthcare organizations that are transparent about the costs of their services. On the other hand, a healthcare business that doesn’t explain its pricing clearly will discourage new consumers, even if it provides high-quality care.

Promotion: Marketing and Advertising Efforts to Promote the Healthcare Organization

The broad field of promotion involves all the tools available to a marketing team.

Whether online or offline, promotion efforts need to keep account of the budget available and ensure not to waste resources while trying to reach new customers.

The promotion itself has to follow some guidelines in order to remain honest.

For example, a medical practice needs to stay clear of misleading language about new procedures and clinical outcomes related to it.

Place: The Location and Accessibility of the Healthcare Organization and Its Products and Services

The geographical location of a health system and the area of a specific healthcare market are to be considered by healthcare marketers in order to make the solution convenient to prospective clients.

A solid healthcare marketing strategy will perform due research about the geographic location where products and services are exchanged and focus on markets without logistic barriers that could incur wasted resources.

People: The Healthcare Professionals and Patients Involved in the Marketing Process

Connecting healthcare organizations with their target market is the ultimate goal of an effective healthcare marketing strategy.

When physicians and doctors are trying to reach a specific demographic, or healthcare administrators are aiming at certain physician specialty groups, knowing the needs of the target audience is crucial for the success of the campaign.

Whatever your role is in the healthcare system, Golden Tide Consulting can develop a healthcare marketing campaign based on the 5 P’s of healthcare marketing. Contact our team of experts today to get the results you are looking for!