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Local SEO for Doctors

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy meant to attract traffic to a medical practice website and target prospective patients by using local key phrases. Local SEO for doctors is vital for the success of a medical practice, as 77% of patients looking for medical services start their search online, and 43% of patients prefer medical professionals that allow online bookings.

Increasing a website’s search rankings in local search results through local SEO strategies is therefore vital for healthcare practices looking to strengthen their online reputation and get more local clients.

The Basics of Local SEO

Local SEO for medical practices has some unique characteristics that make it different from traditional medical SEO. Some features that are unique to local SEO are:

  • Local keywords differ from other more common types of keywords, as they are meant to reach a target audience performing local searches.
  • Geo-targeted landing pages that are designed for a determined geographic location allow targeting multiple locations and thus expanding the patients’ search. Local landing pages are excellent for helping local searchers find medical practices in a specific area.
  • Local link-building backlinks are a way to increase a website’s authority by linking it to other reputable websites in the same field. By listing a medical practice in local directories like local businesses directories like Yellow Pages and by linking a website to other businesses and local entities, Google and other search engines will better cross-reference a medical website and rank it higher in search engine results when a user performs local keyword research.

Optimizing Your Online Presence for Local SEO

It is vital to enhance a detail-oriented local SEO strategy by establishing a solid online presence with all the tools available. Some ways to do that are:

  • Google Business Profile—Google allows the listing of a business profile in online directories with a dedicated contact page. A Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) will increase visibility on search engines when users search for local businesses.
  • Google posts are a little-known feature that allows one to publish content related to a business profile. These posts appear on top of organic search results, granting even more visibility.
  • Social media presence with a Facebook business page or Instagram account allows one to reach more potential patients and share their experience with positive reviews.
  • PR content published online through local newspapers can significantly increase the visibility of a medical professional.
  • Google Maps is used by many medical practices to promote their medical service in a particular area.

A local SEO strategy, paired with offline marketing efforts, can significantly increase the reputation and visibility of a medical practice.

Some offline marketing strategies to pair with local SEO efforts might include:

  • Sponsoring local events
  • Sponsoring a local school team
  • Asking for referrals from other medical professionals

By taking care of those details, a medical practice will maximize the probability of appearing in local and geographically relevant searches.

The Benefits of Local SEO for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals need a strong digital marketing strategy to thrive in a highly competitive field like the healthcare industry. A local SEO strategy for doctors will bring more patients to a practice, generate more revenue, and give valuable insights into competitors’ strategies.

A medical website design that is both functional and pleasant to navigate is the cornerstone of a solid digital marketing strategy. Local SEO for doctors is the first step to take on the path to success.

Where to Get Help With Local SEO for Doctors

A medical professional looking to improve its website ranking on search engines will use keyword research tools to find the keywords relevant to its field and consider how much traffic those keywords can attract. Then, they should consolidate their presence with a location-based strategy and, eventually, build an excellent reputation with online reviews and news stories covering local websites and news outlets.

Reaching the first page on search engines doesn’t happen overnight! A careful study of the best keywords to use, their search volume, and long-term marketing efforts will bring long-lasting results.

This is what we do at Golden Tide Consulting, an agency dedicated to helping healthcare professionals connect with patients in need of their services. Contact our team of experts today to get the results you are looking for!

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