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Competitor Analysis for Medical Practices

With the term competitor analysis, we refer to a type of analysis systematically performed on your chief competitors’ market share to estimate their strengths and weaknesses and keep ahead of your competitors. With a thorough competitive analysis, a medical practice can find its main competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and gain in-depth knowledge of its actual market terrain.

This article will explain what’s involved in performing a competitive analysis, give some tips to help you perform one, and outline the benefits you can reap from analyzing your medical practice’s competitors.

Understanding the Basics of Competitor Analysis

An accurate competitive analysis will provide a complete picture of your competition’s practice, other healthcare organizations in the field, and precious insights about the market demographics.

Once your main competitors are defined, collecting data about your competitors’ services, pricing, online presence, customer reviews, and marketing strategies will show their strengths and weaknesses. This information will be used to develop a strategy to differentiate your company from competitors and win market share.

The key factors to consider when conducting a competitor analysis are:

  • Services offered. Find if your competitors offer niche treatment modalities or perhaps the use of particular pieces of equipment in their practices.
  • Pricing. Evaluate the pricing strategies of competitors to determine the market rate for similar products/services.
  • Online presence. Analyze the competitors’ online presence, including their websites, social media, and customer reviews.
  • Customer reviews. Gather information from customers about their experiences with the competitors.

The importance of regular competitive analysis as an essential component of broader strategy can’t be understated. It’s an invaluable tool for keeping competitive in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry.

Tips for Conducting a Competitor Analysis for Medical Practices

An excellent competitive analysis can be performed with simple online tools like a Google Business Profile, Facebook, and other social media channels. Some tips for conducting a useful competitor analysis include:

  • Analyze competitor websites and social media profiles. Study competitor websites to understand their services, pricing, and marketing strategies. Analyze their social media profiles to understand their online presence and customer engagement.
  • Gather insights from patients and industry experts. Conduct surveys, focus groups, or interviews with quite a few patients to understand their needs and preferences. Seek insights from industry experts to understand how referring physicians view your practice.
  • Understand the target audience and their needs. Identifying and understanding the target audience is crucial for healthcare organizations as it helps tailor services to meet patients’ specific needs and preferences.

The Benefits of Competitor Analysis for Medical Practices

Conducting a competitive analysis will identify opportunities and risks in your marketing strategy. It will prevent you from wasting resources if you indirectly compete with hospital systems and other prestigious healthcare institutions.

It will also help you in deciding if it’s wise to compete for the same patients of another medical practice and better identify prospective target patients. And most importantly, a good competitive analysis will show you how your services compare to those of other healthcare entities, forcing you to keep rendering the best service possible to the community.

Get Help With Your Professional Competitive Analysis

Most medical practices don’t conduct any competitive analysis. If your medical practice does, this will give you an edge over other medical practices in the same field of expertise.

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