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Why Is Marketing Important to a Medical Practice?

In a highly competitive field like the healthcare industry, a healthcare practice must reach potential patients through a tailored marketing strategy.

Digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing combine to create an online marketing plan that provides a practice with sustainable growth by attracting more patients and fostering its relationship with existing ones.

What Is Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare marketing is a set of marketing strategies that aim at attracting new patients through health services promotion, patient engagement, and content marketing by directing these marketing efforts to a specific target audience.

Why Marketing for Medical Practices Is Necessary

To understand why healthcare marketing is important, it’s beneficial to take a look at these statistics:

  • 94% of patients choose healthcare providers based on their reputation.
  • 77% of healthcare research starts from search engines.
  • 48% of patients conducted searches on healthcare practices and their services before booking an appointment.

Thus, it’s clear that a strong marketing strategy that comprises digital approaches is the most effective way for a medical practice to attract new patients, engage existing patients, and stand out in the competitive healthcare industry.

Benefits of Healthcare Marketing

There are several benefits that an effective healthcare marketing plan can bring to your practice: brand building, cost saving, and spreading medical information online, just to name some.

Now we will focus on the benefits that a good marketing campaign can bring to both practice and patients!

Increase the Patient Base of the Practice

Through attentive medical search engine optimization (SEO)  and improved social media pages, our healthcare marketers will put you in contact with prospective patients and increase foot traffic in your healthcare facility.

Promote Important Medical Services

A digital marketing strategy can accurately convey your message to a target market and thus reach patients that need your patient care services the most.

Evaluate/Optimize Patients’ Online Experience

Patients’ online experience will determine largely if they will choose your practice over others. A well-designed website with informational content, a sympathetic social media account, and an open line of communication are crucial elements to enhance the online experience and encourage prospective patients to reach out to you.

Increase Referrals to the Practice

86% of patients choose a practice because a physician or doctor has referred it.

There’s no doubt that asking for referrals must be part of your practice marketing plan since it has proven to be as effective as other forms of healthcare marketing practices.

Enhance Patient Experience

Social media platforms can showcase your services, introduce the staff to potential patients, and even show your equipment. Since it has been proven that many patients do proper research before booking an appointment, these details can enhance the patient experience and put them at ease when visiting your facilities.

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