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TRUST. It’s an important component of the patient-doctor relationship.

A patient wants to feel safe and secure with the doctor they’ve chosen, and a doctor wants to know that their patients truly trust their decisions regarding their health.

However, many medical practices don’t know that they can build this bond of trust between them and their patients even before the patient walks through their office doors.

How can this be done?

By creating a strong digital presence.

Why is a strong digital presence important?

What is the connection between a strong digital presence and gaining a patient’s trust?

How can you create a digital presence for your practice that fosters trust?

Creating a strong digital presence in the field of healthcare marketing has been a passion of mine for over 10 years! I love seeing the results I can create for my clients and watching their businesses thrive and grow as a result of my efforts over time.

Throughout my years of experience, my team and I have met with challenges and found solutions to the problems many practices face regarding their digital presence. We have helped them gain the trust of their patients by implementing our skillful strategy that I will share with you below.

Problems Many Practices Face Regarding Their Digital Presence

Some of the problems medical practices face regarding their digital presence are listed below.

  1. They have no strategy or marketing plan. Some healthcare businesses might have a website but don’t have a plan of action to increase their online presence and visibility.
  2. The information on their website is irrelevant to the practice. Although some businesses may have a website, the content on the site often does not show potential patients anything specific about the practice. This doesn’t foster a sense of trust in their practice for the patient.

How We Increase Patient Trust for Our Clients By Enhancing Their Digital Presence

Our routine practice for onboarding new clients is to examine their online profiles and ensure that the correct information is listed, such as the right business hours, address, website link, and phone number. We do this to create a sense of trust between our client’s businesses and Google. Google likes seeing that your information is consistent across all platforms because it determines that you’re a reputable and trustworthy business.

We also create beautiful and optimized websites for our clients that bring them more traffic. We optimize these websites by adding images, creating a memorable logo, and creating pages where patients can leave a review about their experience at the office. All of these methods give the practice a solid brand that patients can put trust in, as well as increase patient engagement, which has a huge effect in strengthening the client’s online presence.

The changes we make with our clients online cause positive and progressive changes that can be seen within the first 1 to 2 months of us working with them!

Why Enhance Your Digital Presence? 

Medical practices have a lot to gain by having a strong digital presence. In today’s world, patients are increasingly turning to the Internet to find information about their health and healthcare options. Having a website and social media presence can help medical practices reach out to potential patients and build trust with them.

Learn How to Strengthen Your Digital Presence and Grow Your Business!

Are you interested in learning how to foster trust with potential patients by strengthening your online presence? Do you ever wonder what digital marketing strategies would help your healthcare business thrive in this competitive field?

If so, be sure to contact our team at Golden Tide Consulting today to learn more about the top healthcare digital marketing strategies and best SEO practices that can help your business stand out among the rest!