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Cynthia Johnson

Role at GTC:
– Founder

– Digital Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Advertising, SEO, SEM…
– Cultivating and building great relationships, finding solutions, coming up with good ideas to make things work better…

I am passionate about enjoying both work and fun, and I consider myself fortunate to be engaged in work that I find enjoyable. Interacting with clients and resolving their challenges brings me genuine satisfaction. I approach business from a holistic perspective; for example, instead of simply increasing leads for a struggling client, I prioritize addressing their lead-handling process first to ensure sustainable success.

Throughout my career, I have established a track record of connecting with business owners to ensure their companies not only meet but exceed revenue goals and profit margin objectives.
Building strong relationships with clients has been a cornerstone of my professional journey.

My motivation stems from helping people, being a positive influence, collaborating with intelligent individuals, bringing smiles to faces, and contributing to positive change and personal growth in the lives of others.