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We have spent the last years training, experimenting, and studying the best methods for getting organic traffic for our medical clients, we are now offering our refined semantic SEO approach for our medical clients.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially the things that you do to make it more likely to be in a high position in the search results in search engines like Google.  When you are in a high position, then you are more likely to get organic traffic.

When done correctly, then there’s a high probability to get organic (essentially free) traffic from the search engines for years to come.

What Is the Difference Between SEO and Medical SEO?

Medical SEO isn’t necessarily an official term, but we use this term to distinguish our SEO strategy from other “types” of SEO, for example, local SEO, international SEO, etc.

Unlike some other types of SEO, it is vital that Google recognizes that the medical practice is a real business that are experts in their field.  It needs to see the connection between the services offered and the credentials of the doctors that provide the services.

To give a specific example.  If we were to do SEO for a company that does roofing, then all they really need to target is “roofing contractors in [city]” and slight variations of those words for each of the different cities they are serving.

With a dentist office, for example, you wouldn’t want to only rank for “root canal [city]” because your patients aren’t only searching those words, in fact, they might not even know the name of what they need, so they might search for something like:

  • What happens if I don’t treat a cavity?
  • Alternatives to tooth extraction
  • How long does a root canal take?
  • What are the signs you need a root canal?

It’s typically much better to have each of these as their own pages though because it’s difficult to rank well for all those keywords in one single article.

Isn’t SEO Just Adding Blogs to a Website?

This heading was almost painful to write… Although it does seem that some agencies believe that this is all that is involved, we know for a fact that there is SO much more that should be done.  Just like our clients, who are doctors, don’t believe that putting a band-aid is the only medical solution to every medical problem, adding blogs is only a small portion of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

What Is Involved in a Comprehensive Medical SEO Strategy?

There are many steps that we go through to create and implement a comprehensive medical SEO strategy, but it always begins with finding out what our client’s goals are.

What are their most important services, what locations do they want to focus on, and what specialties do they have?

After these are discussed, then we begin our research.

First, we would do a thorough audit on the current website for the practice, to see what services are currently covered, and see the quality of the content, the URL structure, technical SEO, and other on-page SEO factors that will help us know what to prioritize.

We then look into the SEO competitors to see what topics they are covering that our client is not yet covering. Also, we see the format of their content and pages. Are the articles short and to the point, or long and in-depth?

We then use SEO tools like SEMRUSH to gather hundreds of keywords which will help us to create detailed content briefs to give to our writers to write informative content that has a high chance to rank well in the search engines.

Once the content comes back from the writers, we have our content manager make sure the information is correct and optimized for SEO. We send the content to our clients for approval and then we post the content.

But we don’t stop here. If we just stop here, then the page will be hard to navigate to from other parts of the website. So we add links from other pages that link to the new page, and from the new page to other pages on the website.

This way we encourage readers to browse through the website, because we know the more they browse, the more they will grow to trust the practice, and thus become a patient when the time is right.

A Dedicated Medical SEO Company and Team

There are many excellent SEO agencies out there that can do amazing things for their clients.  However, there are also too many agencies that simply don’t care about their clients’ website performance, and they employ workers that are either overworked, undertrained, or not motivated to provide a high level of SEO work for their clients.

We, as a company and as individuals, are passionate about creating and implementing SEO campaigns for our clients. We frequently attend SEO seminars and conferences, follow the SEO leaders, and practice and test what we learn on other websites that we build for fun before we implement it on our clients’ websites.

We would love to see how we can help your website perform to its full potential.  Contact us today for a free SEO audit, where we can show you your current state of SEO and how we can help improve it.

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