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Do you think client reviews are a waste of time?

Many professionals don’t pay attention to this important aspect of their business.

The fact is that in our day and age – reviews are ESSENTIAL to those who go online searching for reputable healthcare professionals.

I mean, who doesn’t look at online reviews when it comes to buying a product or service nowadays?

Whether you’re buying a pair of shoes, trying a new restaurant, or booking a hotel, reading reviews of those who have had the experience you’re contemplating having is very useful for helping you to make your decision about whether you should move forward and make that purchase or pick up the phone and make that reservation.

This is the very reason why patient reviews are NOT a waste of time.

I’ve been working with medical practices across the country and helping with their marketing for almost 10 years now, and I’ve seen the powerful impact that patient reviews can have.

The Problem Many Practices Face with Patient Reviews

Two of the main problems we have faced with practices and their patient reviews are:

  1. Many practices simply don’t know how to handle patient reviews.
    Some doctors don’t know how to access Google profiles, so many don’t even take a look at their reviews. Some practices may be afraid of “bad” reviews on their online profile. Even if they see their patient’s online reviews, many don’t take the time to respond to them quickly, if at all. 
  2. Some practices have low scores on Google for patient reviews. This is not always because the reviews are “bad” but because they simply don’t have enough reviews present on their online profiles. This means they are not creating opportunities to engage with their patients and inquire about their experiences.

The Solution That We Found

We had an experience with a medical client that had a very low score on their reviews when we first started working with them. So, we immediately focused on connecting their EMR (electronic medical record software) to their checked-out appointments.

This enabled us to send a HIPAA-compliant SMS and email to their clients asking them to leave a review.

We also included a page on the client’s website where patients could leave reviews on multiple online platforms. There was definite and sustained growth for the practice after this was implemented. An image of the page we created for our client where patients can leave reviews can be seen below.

What We’ve Learned Along the Way

Some essential practices when it comes to online patient reviews include:

  1. It’s essential to get a regular and steady flow of client reviews. This can be accomplished by focusing on engaging with patients via text message and email and asking them for a review through these methods.
  2. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews.
    Even though it is not favorable to get a negative review, it is still best practice to engage with patients and ask them about their experiences. Patients are more likely to choose a doctor with many reviews rather than none, whether or not the reviews are considered good or bad.
  3. Reply Quickly. It is crucial to reply to client reviews quickly. The reasons for this are because 1) it fosters a good relationship with your patients and shows them you are dependable and interested in their thoughts and concerns. 2) Google likes to see that you are responding and engaging with your reviews. Google favors quick replies because it wants to see that your business is not stagnant. This increases trust in your practice in Google’s eyes.

What Are the Benefits of Client Reviews in Healthcare Marketing?

There are huge benefits for practices that utilize client reviews, including:

  1. Creates a sense of trust in your practice. Trust is one of the primary things people are searching for when it comes to a medical practice. Everyone wants a doctor they can trust. Reviews from other patients help potential patients increase trust in your practice before they even step through the door.
  2. Your practice will be more visible online. The more patient reviews your practice has, the more Google will notice that your medical practice is reputable. This will increase online visibility to potential patients searching for a physician.

Below is an image showing the growth that one of our clients had in their practice after we enhanced their Google profile.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

The evidence shows that client reviews are NOT a waste of time and that they are actually integral to the success of a modern-day medical practice.

Nowadays, online reviews are how people choose their doctors and engage with your practice before they even walk through your doors. Enhancing this aspect of your business will undoubtedly lead to a rise in patient acquisition and general trust in your practice.

However, many doctors and practices do not have the time to obtain and answer their client reviews in a timely fashion. In this case, what can you do?

Give us a call! Answering client reviews is a paid service that we offer at Golden Tide Consulting. My team and I have a wealth of experience obtaining reviews for different practices as well as engaging with patients properly. Our services will help you to be more recognized by Google as well as get your patient engagement through the roof!