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Golden Tide Consulting: A Case Study on How We Increased Organic Traffic by 154% After a Successful Medical Website Merge.

Organic traffic is the lifeblood of any website, but it is especially crucial for medical websites. These sites provide information, advice, and sometimes even lifesaving resources to patients and their families. Therefore, it is essential that they rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs) to reach their target audience effectively.

Merging two websites is a challenging process that requires careful planning and execution. It involves consolidating content, redirecting URLs, and ensuring that all technical elements are optimized. Failure to do this correctly can result in a drop in organic traffic, which can be disastrous for a medical website.

This case study will delve into the strategies and techniques used by our team at Golden Tide Consulting to ensure a successful merger of two medical websites while increasing organic traffic to the site. We will explore the challenges our client faced, the solutions we implemented, and the results that were achieved.

The Problem Our Client Faced 

We had an experience with a multi-speciality practice located in New York City that came to us with a big task. They had recently acquired a physical therapy speciality practice, however, that newly acquired practice had their own website. They wanted to consolidate and merge both their previously existing website with the newly acquired practice’s website together into one main website. 

Merging two websites is not an easy task, especially for medical websites. Medical websites often have a lot of content, including articles, and blogs that must be transferred seamlessly to the new website.

Merging two sites requires an understanding of how organic traffic works as well as careful planning, execution, and optimization, in order to ensure the online visibility of the website. It really comes down to making sure that Google understands what has happened so that traffic can be gained and not lost.

Our Strategy for Solving Their Problem 

Our strategy for successfully merging the two websites into one website for our client included the following steps: 

  1. We audited the newly acquired website for any penalties or technical errors that could potentially harm the main website after the merger. 
  2. We strategically decided which pages needed to be transferred from the smaller website to the main one and which ones didn’t. 
  3. We created a map of where the main pages would be on the main website. This was crucial so that we could redirect the right pages to the right places.
  4. We edited and rewrote all of the main pages that we moved from the smaller website to the main one to make them relevant and aligned with the main goals of the client. 
  5. We carefully checked everything to make sure that the website would run smoothly once it went live. 

The Client’s SEO Before GTC

The figures below show what the multi-speciality practice’s keyword rankings and organic traffic were before the merge.

The Results 

The end result was an improved experience for both existing and new visitors alike, as well as increased visibility through search engines which translated into more organic traffic. 

Due to our effective strategy, our client saw tremendous growth in their keyword rankings and organic traffic within only six months! They experienced growth of more than 11,000+ in their monthly organic visits on the optimized pages that were merged from the smaller website. 

This growth helped their main website to become a trusted authority in their field in the eyes of Google. After the website merger, our client’s website was visible on the first page of Google and experienced 154% growth in organic traffic and 1,564 keywords on page one of Google. 

In terms of ROI, that translates to an increase in the value of organic search traffic to $36.6K per month– that’s a total of over $439,200 per year’s worth of search traffic that they are getting for free now.

The Client’s SEO After GTC

The figures and pictures below show what the multi-speciality practice’s keyword rankings and organic traffic were after the merge.

Become a GTC Success Story! 

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