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Stephan Johnsen

Role at GTC:
– Co-Founder

– SEO, UX, Marketing Strategy

Stephan Johnsen, born in the scenic town of Fredrikstad, Norway, initiated his journey with computers at a young age, transitioning from old DOS systems to installing Windows 3.1 using multiple floppy disks and upgrading whenever possible.

Stephan is not just a technophile; he is an avid reader and a perpetual learner, digesting dozens of books annually on a diverse array of subjects, including but not limited to business, sales, marketing, and self-development.

This unending appetite for knowledge, coupled with hands-on experience, has been the cornerstone of his education and professional development.

In 2019, Stephan co-founded Golden Tide Consulting, where he eagerly handles the technical aspects crucial to the success of their client websites.

He loves putting into practice what he learns and owns and manages websites in many different niches in several different countries.