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How Is SEO Used in Healthcare?

Search engine optimization refers to various methods to make a website rank higher on search engine results pages. Considering that 77% of health seekers start their research online, it appears clear why healthcare organizations need an effective SEO strategy as part of a broader digital marketing strategy.

In this article, we will discuss the role of healthcare SEO strategies and which are the most common.

Introduction to SEO and Its Role in Healthcare Marketing

Having a healthcare website is important for a healthcare organization, but having a website that ranks high on Google and other search engines is fundamental for the visibility and success of medical practitioners.

A medical SEO strategy can bring benefits to healthcare professionals by making their website rank high on a search engine results page, bringing more traffic to their website, and reaching potential patients. Through a strong medical SEO and content marketing strategy, a healthcare business can increase the number of patients that visit their healthcare facility while establishing a solid online reputation.

Keyword Research for Healthcare-Related Content

Researching keywords related to specific medical services is the first step to finding the best keywords to increase website traffic. Search engines reward websites that contain blog posts with high-quality content and offer excellent user experience through good site speed and valuable information organized in an easy-to-navigate manner.

The mobile-friendliness of a website is also a factor to consider when creating web pages, as many prospective patients search online for medical practices from mobile devices, and search engines tend to rank mobile-friendly websites higher in their search results because of the improved user experience they provide.

On-Page Optimization Techniques for Healthcare Websites

On-page SEO practices aim to improve ranking factors by optimizing the web pages of a website. Keyword optimization is one of the methods to further on-page optimization, while other methods include:

  • Removal of broken links
  • Local SEO
  • Landing pages optimization
  • Optimization for mobile
  • Optimized meta description
  • Links to social media pages
  • Organic search results

Off-Page Optimization Strategies for Healthcare Sites

Off-page SEO tactics are implemented outside the interested web page and include:

Search engines reward medical sites with a higher ranking when the healthcare provider that owns the website achieves a strong presence and authority.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Healthcare SEO Efforts

Thanks to tools like Google Analytics and the Google Search Console, it is possible to measure the SEO performance of a website. Metrics like search traffic and competitive analysis give insights into a website’s performance on different parameters.

The healthcare industry has rigid guidelines to follow in its marketing efforts, thanks to high-quality content marketing, local searches optimized strategy, and transparent information about the medical practice the site represents. Healthcare practices incorporating SEO in their digital marketing strategy have better results in reaching patients searching online for healthcare providers.

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